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Show 25 25 50 All. I wanna get you in the back seat windows up That's the way you like to fuck Clogged up on alert Rip the pants and rip the shirt Rough sex make it hurt In the garden all in the dirt Roll around Georgia brown That's the way I like it twerk Legs jerk, over worked, under paid but don't be afraid In the sun or up in the shade On the top of my Escalade Baby your girl and my friend can trade Tag team off the rope On the ocean or in the boat Factories, or a hunred spokes What 'bout in the candy sto' that chocolate chocolate make it melt Whips and chains, handcuffs, smack a little bootie up with my belt Scream help Play my game Dracula n I'll get my fangs Horse back I'll get my reigns School teacher let me get my grades. Cholera manifests in refugee camps and slums where excrement mixes into the water supply. Something in me gave up at a very early age. These humans are actually treated as dirt itself. When filthy lucre is dipped into it in the ads, coins emerge glimmering. One of the most striking images on display is an engraving of a year-old woman before and after cholera.

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I have lived in various muddles.

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Dirt is everywhere – in sex, in class, in art and, yes readers, in my home

As we do, on a daily basis. I have lived in various muddles. When I first went to India in my 20s, I naively thought that those squatting by the train tracks were meditating, not defecating. She has turned blue. I wanna get you in the bath tub With the candles lit you give it up till they go out Or we can do it on stage of the Ludacris concert Cause you know it got sold out Or red carpet dick and just roll out Go 'head and scream you can't hold out We can do it in the pouring rain Runnin the train When it's hot or when it's cold out How 'bout in the library on top of books But you can't be too loud You wanna make a brother beg for it Give me TLC 'cause you know I be too proud We can do it in the White House Try ta make them turn the lights out Champagne with my campaign let me do the damn thing What's my name, what's my name, what's my name Oh a sauna, ja'causezi In the back row at the movie You can scratch my back and rule me You can push me and just pull me On hay in middle of the barn woo rose pedals on the silk sheets uh Eating fresh fruits sweep yo woman right off of her feet.

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